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Optimizing your chromium levels may help improve numerous body processes, especially energy expenditure and hormone regulation. Some of the benefits of maintaining healthy levels of chromium include: Improved blood sugar levels — Chromium may help lower blood sugar levels and regulate insulin levels in the blood by improving sugar metabolism. This may be beneficial for obese people and patients with Type 2 diabetes. Lowers blood pressure — A few animal studies suggest that chromium supplementation may help regulate blood pressure by lowering LDL and increasing HDL levels in the body. Slower bone loss in women — Chromium may assist in maintaining bone strength, especially in women prone to osteoporosis, or the gradual deterioration of the bones brought on by age. Chromium does this by preventing calcium loss. Reduced depression symptoms — Patients with depression often suffer from increased need for sleep and food intake. Chromium supplements may lessen the depression by increasing tryptophan transport into the brain, which is a precursor of serotonin, or the happy chemical. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? To expand on this little bit of information, check out this article: Chromium Levels May Help Regulate Blood Sugar

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