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Coffee Bean Extract

The most notable outcome of green coffee bean extract is that it neutralizes a key enzyme that causes after meal glucose (blood sugar) surges. This is why it can help with weight loss, because less blood sugar floating around means less hunger. These blood sugar surges feed cancer cells and could be deadly. By calming these blood sugar surges down, virtually ALL degenerative diseases could be positively effected. Not just cancer, but cardiovascular disease can also be affected because an increase in blood sugar helps build plaque in the arteries. Alzheimer’s is athersclerosis (plaque/hardening of the arteries) in the brain. Kidney disease, pancreatic dysfunction, diabetic neuropathy, or retinopathy (eyes) all have ties to increased blood sugar levels. Drinking coffee does not have the same effect as green coffee bean extract.


To read more , read the following article: Coffee bean suppresses deadly after meal blood sugars


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