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D-Mannose is a amazing supplement to help quickly alleviate the cause and symptoms of a urinary tract, bladder or even kidney infection. These infections occur due to E. Coli getting stuck in the wall of our bladder. Antibiotics cannot unstick the E. Coli. The temporary relief from antibiotics is from killing E.Coli floating around, not from clearing out all E. Coli. That’s why once someone gets a bladder infection, they have to be on antibiotics over and over. D-Mannose unsticks the E. Coli so you just pee  it out. It is THAT simple! You can keep killing circulating E.Coli with repeated antibiotics (with the side effects), or get the bladder wall cleaned up to prevent the repeated cycle of UTI’s with a natural D-Mannose supplement.


To learn more about D-Mannose, read here: D-Mannose


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