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Estrogen Imbalance

Have you ever wondered if your symptoms could be from a hormone imbalance? Is it too much estrogen, or is it progesterone? I’ve made up a chart that shows you how to distinguish between whether your estrogen is too high or getting too low. Dryness is usually as estrogen declines but hot flashes can be from too high or too low. Enlarged tender breasts are from too much estrogen. At our office , we use homeopathic hormone creams that stimulate your glands to produce the CORRECT amount of hormones. These creams don’t put hormones into your body, they just bring the glands back to normalcy…not too much and not too little.


To see a chart comparing estrogen symptoms, click here: Estrogen Imbalance or Progesterone vs Estrogen

Another great article about why we need hormones FOREVER is: The Menopause Cure 2017

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