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Did you know that heartburn is actually a deficiency of Hydrochloric ACID, not s surplus of it as the drug manufacturer’s would like for you to think when they push their “purple pills”. When you swallow food and it enters your stomach, your body should sense that food hitting the bottom of your stomach. This should cause a release of hydrochloric acid(HCL). The HCL signals the top opening of your stomach to close. If you do not have enough hydrochloric acid, that mechanism doesn’t work, so the top opening of the stomach does not get the signal to close and acid leaves the stomach causing heartburn. Taking the “Purple pill” makes this whole situation get worse and worse over time, further depleting your HCL that is needed to break down your food to get the needed nutrients. The solution to heartburn, bloating , and gas is to restore your HCL and NOT further deplete it. This is what Betaine HCL is inteneded to do.


To learn more about Betaine, read this article: Heartburn and Betaine


To order, feel free to stop by at 117 Ne Trilein Dr or learn how order from Emersn Ecologics

We have a list of instructions at our office on how to properly supplement with Betaine to reverse heartburn symptoms.

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