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Hemp Oil

If you looked at a charred steak, a cookie, and a brownie – you would not assume they are the same thing because they all contain sugar. Hemp, marijuana, and evergreen all contain CBD. This does not mean they are all the same.  Marijuana replaces some of the beneficial CBD with THC (the part that makes a person high). Hemp does not have THC. There is a lot of controversy surrounding Hemp CBD Oil for pain or cancer, so I thought I would put some info on my website that might help you understand the differences. Other benefits to Hemp CBD are:

– Chronic pain and inflammation
– Arthritis
– Sleep disorders and insomnia
– Anxiety, stress, and depression
– Skin conditions
– Low appetite and poor metabolic function
– Weaker immune system

These are great articles I found and a link at the end of one article to another great article. Hope this helps!

CBD oil is shaking up the medical cannabis industry

CBD Oil and anxiety


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