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Plant Sterols

Plant sterols are compounds that help block your body from absorbing cholesterol.

Plant sterols are found naturally in fruits, vegetables, vegetable oils, wheat bran and wheat germ, cereals, legumes, and nuts. Both statins and plant sterols help lower LDL cholesterol levels. Statins are the gold standard for drug treatment, and sterols are thought to be one of the best natural options to combat high cholesterol. Statins can cause side effects for some people. These can include memory loss, muscle pain or damage, weakness, and nausea. Plant sterols, on the other hand, are not known to cause side effects.  They are just a safer way to lower cholesterol IF NEEDED!! Cholesterol is not always a bad thing, though. Your body produces cholesterol naturally, and the rest comes from the food you eat. … It helps digest fat and produce vitamin D and hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. If cholesterol gets too low, it will lower those hormones along with it…BALANCE is key!!

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