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Probiotics are beneficial organisms typically found in a healthy human gastrointestinal tract. They are there to attack dangerous organisms in the intestines, reducing the risk of infection or reaction to toxins. Gut health in completely dependent on the bacteria in the gut. Healthy gut bacteria suppress inflammation all over the body. Probiotics also protect the gut lining from “leaky-gut”, enhancing the guts ability to act as a barrier to keep unwanted partcles from leaking into the body cavity.

Probiotics are also a great treatment for constipation OR diarrhea. Good bacteria help the bowels function better in every way as long as the bacteria in probiotics is live and active. The only probiotic that we recommend is refrigerated from the time it is made till the time it is sold and needs to be refrigerated at home after it is purchased to make sure the bacteria is live when it hits the colon. If it is not refrigerated, then the live bacteria gradually dies, so by the time you purchase it, there COULD be nothing left to benefit your colon.


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