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Quality Control

The following article is from a recent Life Extension magazine that represents the quality control that I demand on all supplements that I recommend and carry in my office. This is something you will never get at any big box store or health food store because these are usually physician only supplements (have to sold by a health care practitioner) and usually cost more because they truly have what it says on the bottle IN the bottle! Supplements are not regulated, so any supplement manufacturer can say whatever they want or put on the label whatever they want. No one is regulating that at all. Recently, a popular “health food store” and a very big chain  got in trouble because they were selling supplements that did not have anything that the label said in the bottle at all – none at all! Don’t waist your money. If your looking for something cheap, thats exactly what you are getting!


Please read this article to see the quality control that I demand.We are also very careful to avoid soy, gluten, wheat, dairy, and corn. Quality Control



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