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Whey Protein (Undenatured)

Cow’s milk is 80% casien and 20% whey. Undenatured whey is when LOW temperatures are used in acquiring the whey protein to prevent ruining the health benefits of the whey that high heat would destroy. Whey protein has the highest branched chain Amino Acid content of any food that makes amino acids. It’s the best protein for tissue repair and muscle building for everyone, not just athletes.  Undenatured whey boosts our glutathione in our bodies, which is our body’s main detoxifying agent to neutralize free radicals that our toxic world exposes us to. And best of all , it tastes GREAT! We always make sure that the undenatured whey that we support has no additives- no fake sugar (or any sugar  at all) , no soy, gluten, etc. Nothing but undenatured whey protein. A long list of ingredients means less health benefits!


Read about this amazing protein: Undenatured Whey Protein


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