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Vitamin C

Vitamin C  is a water soluble (meaning you pee out excess) vitamin that is necessary for optimal health. It is a good cleanser, or detoxifier, of the body. When you pee out excess, your peeing out toxicity with it! A lot of vitamin C’s research is on reducing cardiovascular disease due to it’s ability to make plaque less sticky so it cannot attach to the artery walls, which would lead to hardening or thickening if the arteries. By keeping arteries softer, blood pressure and cholesterol can be positively effected. Vitamin C helps avert or shorten the duration of colds and may help breathing in those with asthma. Some research is also done relating Vitamin C with clearing out H. Pylori which can lessen risk of stomach cancer. If you find out your iron count is low, Vitamin C will help with absorbing iron, too. Vitamin C can loosen bowels (helping with constipation), so start with a small dosage and work up to bowel tolerance.


To learn more about Vitamin C, read this article: Vitamin C


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