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Wormwood is the most powerful parasite cleanse known. Scientific research also shows that wormwood can even kills cancer cells.  It can also be used to treat anorexia, insomnia, anemia, a lack of appetite, flatulence, stomach aches, jaundice and indigestion. Artemisinin is an extract isolated from the plant Artemisia annua, or sweet wormwood. Artemisinin is an herbal drug that’s the most powerful antimalarial on the market. It is trong enough to kill Malaria, but gentle enough to cleanse everything from parasites (Malaria, ringworm, pinworms) to cancer cells and strengthen the gut at the same time. If you are bothered with eczema, psoriasis, anal itching, hives or any skin condition – give wormwood a try. We all are exposed to parasites and a good “spring” cleaning now and then is a great idea. Here’s an article that explains Wormwood further: Wormwood

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