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Amrita Therapeutic Essential Oils
can also be ordered from Emerson Ecologics by using the ordering instructions on this page.

To learn more about these oils, visit

We offer Young Living Essential Oils, as well. More information about these oils and order info can be found on the Essential Oils page.

Most Supplements we recommend are available for you to stop and pick up at our office in Ankeny, Iowa if you live close by.  If you're not close or don’t have the time, you can order through Emerson Ecologics by phone or online. Simply follow the instructions below.


Ordering Supplements Online

Ordering Supplements By Phone

Emerson does all the work for you

To read more on Emerson's quality control standards, click here.

Ordering Standard Process:

  1. To order from Standard process, you must have physician authorization.
  2. Go to 
  3. Select "Register for an account" on top bar under Patients
  4. Read terms of use and enter "M2CU9V" at the bottom
  5. Fill out your info creating a UN and PW for future orders
  6. You must now verify your email via an email from standard process before you can place an order. You will not be able to place your first order until Dr Amy has responded to an email authorizing you to be able to order from Standard Process from this point forward.

From now on when you log in, you will just use your UN/PW that you created

Ordering Socks:

  1. Click here to order.


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