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Did you know that there are no federal requirements for testing nutritional supplements? Ever wonder why “big box” stores or even health food stores can sell supplements so cheap? Have you heard the news lately about the “big box” stores or chain stores selling supplements with fillers and chemicals and NONE of what was listed on the label? You always get what you pay for!

We carry physician level supplements that go through third party testing to prove what’s on the label is what’s in the bottle with NO added fillers, chemicals or metals. Ingredients are tested for approval BEFORE being put in a supplement, then tested AFTER product is made to assure they pass purity and potency testing. These are the only supplements we carry.

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I know this sounds crazy, but we now carry socks that have technology in them that stimulate the mid brain (UNDER THE ATLAS) to function better! If you’re going to wear socks, why not wear socks that are proven to increase balance, stability, power, stamina, reaction time, pain relief, energy, and even posture.  They were originally created for pain for M.S. patients as well as diabetic patients. Check them out on the Health & Nutrition side of our website!

We keep adding different Lab work that we offer as well as our BEMER! We are offering genetic data interpretation off of a 23andme test kit.

Getting your Atlas corrected is the most important part of the health pie, but it is my passion to learn about all pieces of the pie for my families own health and I want to open up the possibility for me to be able to help any patients that would also like to pursue a better life in other ways along with Atlas care. If you are like me, and being healthy is as important to you as feeling good, check out what we offer in the labs section of our website on the Health and Nutrition side. We love anything related to health and Longevity and are always adding new things to our website. Keep checking it out!!



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