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Did you know that there are no federal requirements for testing nutritional supplements? Ever wonder why “big box” stores or even health food stores can sell supplements so cheap? Have you heard the news lately about the “big box” stores or chain stores selling supplements with fillers and chemicals and NONE of what was listed on the label? You always get what you pay for!

We carry physician level supplements that go through third party testing to prove what’s on the label is what’s in the bottle with NO added fillers, chemicals or metals. Ingredients are tested for approval BEFORE being put in a supplement, then tested AFTER product is made to assure they pass purity and potency testing. These are the only supplements we carry.

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I keep adding articles on all sorts of supplements under “Search Supplements” on the “Health & Nutrition” side of this website. Today I added info on all the B vitamins and MCP. My goal is to get an article on my website for every supplement we carry so you have a great resource to go to where I have added an article that I trust and will help you understand any supplement you have a question over.

Always let us know if there is something you would like more info on! I have some connections (and hopefully knowledge) that will help me get the answer you are looking for!


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