Testosterone Deficiency in Men

by admin_amy | Published June 26, 2015

Many people think testosterone only effects sex drive, but that is far from the truth. Although it does effect sex drive, it affects all symptoms of youthfulness. It effects energy due to its effect on keeping a heart strong and arteries clean from atherosclerosis. Corroded arteries make it hard for blood to pump through effecting blood pressure. Lack of energy can lead to less exercise which leads to an increase in weight, especially abdominal fat/weight with low testosterone. A youthful prostate has lots of testosterone and PREVENTS prostate cancer…how many 20 year olds with raging testosterone have prostate cancer? They don’t, but older men with declining testosterone DO! Testosterone is made from cholesterol, so when testosterone declines, your body pumps out MORE cholesterol to TRY and make more testosterone. What man over 50 (when Andropause or low testosterone are imminent) has not been told his cholesterol is too high? The body is trying to keep you youthful by making testosterone, it just takes more cholesterol to do it as you age.

At our office, we use homeopathic drops to stimulate the body to produce youthful testosterone, not PUT testosterone in your system with creams that can be difficult to regulate. Call or stop by to learn more!


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