Vitamin D

by admin_amy | Published June 17, 2015

If you’re not taking Vitamin D, you’re probably deficient in this much needed HORMONE required for a healthy life. You’re medical doctor wants your blood levels above 20 to not have a deficiency disease, but for all of Vitamin D’s amazing health benefits, your blood levels need to be 80-100. The higher the number, the stronger your immune system is. A strong immune system does everything from fighting the common cold to eliminating cancer cells (that we ALL have in our body at ALL times) and even eliminating pain. Did you know low vitamin D (even at the 20 your medical doctor accepts) causes pain? Vitamin D comes from the sun, so it is difficult to acquire in the winter months, but some of us even have trouble absorbing it in the summer. Taking 5000- 10000iu per day with some fat at mealtime is essential. It’s fat-soluble, so the more body fat you have, the more Vitamin D that you need to take.


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