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We get calls every day from new patients that want to become new patients IF I can fix ___________. These problems vary from headaches, stomach problems, sciatic pain, ear problems, blood pressure problems, dizziness, numbness/tingling/pain in limbs, libido, knee pain, blood pressure, constipation, heart palpitations, dizziness, anxiety, depression and of course back/neck pain. My answer is always the same regardless of the problem and it is this...My job as an ATLAS chiropractor is to take X-rays of the spine and fix what the x-rays show me needs to be fixed. Those X-rays are your "instruction manual" for me! I have seen and been able to help patients with all the above symptoms by doing exactly that, BUT I'm not treating THAT condition- I am treating what the X-rays show and that oftentimes helps many more things than you ever thought of! EVERYTHING in the body functions because of the nerve flow going to it from the brain and THROUGH the ATLAS. If the atlas is cutting off nerve OR blood flow or affecting the function of any of the joints below it, I can help in some way. I just don't know what the problem is until I see your X-rays. Watch the video of me explaining how all this works on "The Atlas" page of my website and come in for a consultation in Ankeny, Iowa and I will explain further.

"Dr. Amy Osenbaugh has given me back my life the way I want to live it. Since July 1991 until October 1996, I had lived in a world of pain and depression. I suffered a severe whiplash injury in a car accident at that time. Nearly everyday since that day in July 1991 I suffered with a headache rated at an eight on a scale of one to ten (that being the worst pain). I saw doctor after doctor with none being able to relieve me from this new existence. I had stopped living life entirely. I had been told more than once that I had to learn to live with it. I had never been depressed before, either. Finally I gave up on doctors and resigned myself to only existing until I died. Then I was introduced to Dr. Amy and she literally has given me my life back. My family and my friends have thanked her for giving "Deb" back to them. I no longer suffer with those headaches on a daily basis. I am able to enjoy my life and everybody and everything it has to offer. I could not even clean my own home or do the shopping and now I can do it all again. I had been on disability since the accident and am now starting a new job next week. I never ever thought I would be able to do any of this again in my life, but Dr. Amy and her Atlas treatment has given me my LIFE back, and I will be eternally grateful to her and to God for bringing this lady into my life, so I could live again. I also suffered from fibromyalgia before the accident and even worse after, and now I do not even suffer from that. My regular Medical Doctor told me two weeks ago that he considered me a medical miracle. He never thought I would ever be rid of the headaches, let alone ever be able to go to work. I started seeing Dr. Amy in October of 1996, and I began a fourty hour work week in January of 1997. Thank you Dr. Amy from the bottom of my heart."

Deb Voogd 
Storm Lake, IA



ANKENY, IA 50021
PHONE: 515.965.7835