Chiropractic Clinic

Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic is so painless, you’ll wonder how it even works. Specific X-rays of the spine are taken of each patient to tell the doctor exactly what is going on in that patient’s spine so the doctor knows what to do with each individual patient. No guessing, and without X-rays that’s all that can be done. Just like a contractor needs a unique set of blueprints to build a unique house.

When the top bone is gradually brought back to level, like dominoes, the second vertebra becomes level, then the third, and fourth, and so on down to the pelvis. If the top is level, the bottom will be, too. Just like a contractor needing a level foundation to build a straight house. With Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic, the end result is always a straightened spine allowing a patient to live the best life possible.


Our Office Hours are Monday and Thursday 8:30am-4pm and Tuesday from 11am-8pm (front desk is available for calls from 8am-8pm on Tuesday). We are so THANKFUL to GET to be here (Who would of thought that we would have to say “GET”!!)  Masks are completely up to you and how you feel about “viruses” and IMMUNITY! I prefer to let Oxygen IN and not suppress oxygen as I know that is an essential part of building IMMUNITY to the HUNDREDS of viruses, bacteria and pathogens we are exposed to EVERY SINGLE DAY, but I also am not immunocompromised and want my immune system to continue to get stronger every day. SO, do what makes you feel SAFE, protected and HAPPY:-) It’s a free country where each person can CHOOSE for themselves!!

We have our office HEPA filtered, Ozone and UV light cleaned every day we are there and sanitizing everything more than ever. I tell my staff, “At the end of the day, we just have to know in our heart we are doing EVERYTHING possible to keep us and our patients safe and that’s the BEST anyone can do.”

God Bless you and your families and we look forward to seeing each and every one of you…


ANKENY, IA 50021
PHONE: 515.965.7835