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"Orthogonal" means literally right angle or a 90 degree angle. Our goal is to get the top bone of the spine, the ATLAS, level. When that happens, the second vertebra of the spine comes to level, then the third vertebra, then the fourth…and so on. It's like dominoes. When one vertebra shifts, all the vertebrae must move. That's how we start to achieve the spine on the right in diagram 3. But, as long as the atlas is unlevel, as it is on the left of diagram 3, the rest of the spine will also remain unlevel. An unlevel spine is an unhealthy body! Structure dictates function, similarly if a home was standing on an unstable foundation, there would be compromised function of the framework of the home, and the overall function of the home providing a safe and solid place of security would be compromised.

Diagram 3

We use a percussion instrument to achieve our goal, which is to level and balance the atlas and spine. The instrument corrects the misalignment at such a low force - most individuals barely feel a thing. The exact angles and degrees of misalignment, which are calculated from the three dimensional X-rays, are set into the instrument to precisely adjust the atlas at the specific angles, specific to your unique atlas misalignment by tapping the atlas down to level. The patient lays on the table with the instrument placed precisely at the level of the atlas vertebra to gently and effectively correct your misalignment. Most patients are amazed at how quickly results are experienced under our care.

A hand held instrument called an activator, may be used to adjust the rest of the spine. The activator is also a very gentle instrument, but is only effective on a full spine after it is leveled out by adjusting the atlas vertebra. With the gentle work we do, anyone at any age (newborns to seniors) can benefit from our gentle adjusting methods.

"Dr. Amy Osenbaugh has given me back my life the way I want to live it. Since July 1991 until October 1996, I had lived in a world of pain and depression. I suffered a severe whiplash injury in a car accident at that time. Nearly everyday since that day in July 1991 I suffered with a headache rated at an eight on a scale of one to ten (that being the worst pain). I saw doctor after doctor with none being able to relieve me from this new existence. I had stopped living life entirely. I had been told more than once that I had to learn to live with it. I had never been depressed before, either. Finally I gave up on doctors and resigned myself to only existing until I died. Then I was introduced to Dr. Amy and she literally has given me my life back. My family and my friends have thanked her for giving "Deb" back to them. I no longer suffer with those headaches on a daily basis. I am able to enjoy my life and everybody and everything it has to offer. I could not even clean my own home or do the shopping and now I can do it all again. I had been on disability since the accident and am now starting a new job next week. I never ever thought I would be able to do any of this again in my life, but Dr. Amy and her Atlas treatment has given me my LIFE back, and I will be eternally grateful to her and to God for bringing this lady into my life, so I could live again. I also suffered from fibromyalgia before the accident and even worse after, and now I do not even suffer from that. My regular Medical Doctor told me two weeks ago that he considered me a medical miracle. He never thought I would ever be rid of the headaches, let alone ever be able to go to work. I started seeing Dr. Amy in October of 1996, and I began a fourty hour work week in January of 1997. Thank you Dr. Amy from the bottom of my heart."

Deb Voogd 
Storm Lake, IA



Your initial consultation is free. Dr. Osenbaugh will talk with you about your healthcare complaint and show you how the Atlas Orthogonal procedure works. We only accept patients we truly feel we can help.

The next step is an exam. This consists of several questions and a thorough evaluation of the spine.

Next, we will move on to take X-rays of your spine to get a three-dimensional view of YOUR misalignment. Angles and measurements will be taken from YOUR films to set the instrument precisely for YOUR specific misalignment. The goal is to achieve the best correction and adjustment with the least amount of force, stress, and pain. There are no two adjustments that are the same.

If necessary, a gentle hand held instrument, called an Activator, will be used to address any problem areas in the rest of the spine. It just depends on your individual case.

The doctor will work with you to see that you learn how to maintain and stabilize your correction so that you can fully achieve YOUR optimum health potential!

This video shows, with an x-ray video, how the atlas percussion adjusting instrument (metal stylus at top) moves the atlas vertebra (white bone from top to bottom close up as patient lays on their side). The patient does not feel a thing!

See Montel William's experience with Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic.


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