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There is a lot of controversy surrounding CBD Oil for pain or cancer, so I thought I would put some info on my website that might help you understand the differences between CBD oil from Hemp and CBD oil from marijuana – 2 different plants. Other benefits to Hemp CBD are:

  • – Chronic pain and inflammation
  • – Arthritis
  • – Sleep disorders and insomnia
  • – Anxiety, stress, and depression
  • – Skin conditions
  • – Low appetite and poor metabolic function
  • – Weaker immune system

These are great articles I found and a link at the end of one article to another great article. Hope this helps!

The following is an article about THC, NOT the amazing CBD that is in Hemp products. Hemp is ONLY CBD. Marijuana replaces some of the CBD with THC – which is what this article is talking about. Several of my patients that are loving the benefits of CBD have said “I can’t wait until they legalize the good CBD stuff (meaning marijuana)”, but THC does bad things to your health as you will read. STICK WITH HEMP CBD!! It is so amazing!!

Hormones and THC

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