Health & Nutrition

Health & Nutrition

Chiropractic is a BIG piece of “The Health Pie” as you see in the pie chart above and is so important to feel and function at your best. But, it’s not going to affect some of the other pieces of the pie that you see above like food sensitivities, heavy metals, parasites, hormones, vitamin or mineral deficiencies and other things seen above. This side of the website is the next step to health on a different level next to chiropractic and another step in helping patients live their BEST life!

Your next step is up to YOU and several pages on this side of the website are dedicated to all the avenues of health and are updated continually. Do we need to start with saliva hormone testing to balance hormones, food sensitivity testing for aches and pains or gut issues, hair analysis for heavy metals or blood work to test for thyroid problems or vitamin and mineral deficiencies? Maybe the answer is something else you never even thought of.

This is called FUNCTIONAL medicine and I got into functional medicine to find the underlying causes of disease and to support the body to FUNCTION at its best potential. Functional diagnostic medicine is able to identify the real cause(s) of many health conditions by combining the results of specific scientifically documented tests. These are not your standard medical tests, but are great at finding problems that have not yet manifested into dis-ease. Each person’s results and treatment are unique and customized to THEIR results.

If this is your next step and you want to find the CAUSE of a problem or just PREVENT the problems you see your parents having...Call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Amy Osenbaugh to take the next step and to get started on being guided into a BETTER life. Wellness is a journey, not just a destination...


Our Office Hours are Monday and Thursday 8:00am-4pm and Tuesday from 11am-8pm (front desk is available for calls from 8am-8pm on Tuesday). We add Wednesdays around vacations and holidays. Lots of current patients book their appointments through this website by selecting the purple “SCHEDULE HERE” tab at the top of our website. When we add a Wednesday, that is not available for online scheduling as our software won’t let us add “special” days. All new patients must call to schedule their first visit before they will be able to set up online scheduling. We would love to add you to our practice for your neck pain, low back pain, sciatic pain or especially GENERAL WELLNESS! Upper cervical ATLAS work changes lives in so many ways. We want to not only be Ankeny’s best chiropractor, but Iowa’s best chiropractor. I attached our calendar with blue being days we are open, and orange being our usual days that we are closed due to vacations or holidays.


God Bless you and your families and we look forward to seeing each and every one of you…


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