What Is Red Light Therapy & How Does It Work?

Red and near infrared light therapy is the process of using medical grade LED lights to deliver concentrated & specific wavelengths of light to our bodies. The cells in our bodies are able to absorb these specific wavelengths of light, using them to stimulate ATP production within the mitochondria which helps our cells produce more energy.

When our cells have more energy, they are able to perform their cellular functions more efficiently and more effectively, which leads to the numerous benefits of red and near infrared light therapy.

Benefits to Red Light Therapy:

  • Antiaging effects on the skin as it increases collagen production
  • Enhances Fat Loss and Metabolism
  • Improves Muscle Recovery, strength, and endurance
  • Slows Hair Loss and helps with Hair regrowth
  • Lowers Inflammation in the body and decreases pain
  • Increases Energy
  • Increases Quality of SLEEP
  • Enhances fertility and boosts testosterone in males
  • Improves appearance of scars and speeds healing
  • Shortens muscle Recovery time
  • Improves Immunity
  • Improves hormonal health
  • Improves mood and cognitive function
  • Improves Joint Health

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