Introducing socks that affect the nervous system throughout the whole body just by wearing them. If you are going to wear socks, then why not get health benefits from just wearing them! The socks stimulate the central brain, the brain stem (yes, that is what the Atlas surrounds!) and the trigeminal nerve that goes into the face. The way it does this is that all nerves radiate down from the brain into the feet (this is called the peripheral nervous system) and there are receptors on the bottom of the feet that effect the whole body-especially the brain stem underneath the atlas vertebra. This effects the balance system, pain receptors, breathing rate, motor control, and heart rate. If these things are positively effected, users will see an improvement in balance, stability, power, stamina, reaction time, pain relief, energy, and even posture. Think about how this can effect everyone from athletes to elderly and the average person somewhere in between.

These socks go so well with the Atlas work I do! I will make sure the Atlas is aligned, and the socks make sure the brain stem power is optimized! What a great combination!!


Neuropathy is something I have been hearing a lot about lately. Places are popping up all over the place to treat Neuropathy in the feet or hands. They are charging a very high price and include a machine called a “Rebuilder”. At the end of using the clinics Rebuilder, you have to buy your own to continue with at home. Why not just get your own unit so you can use it daily in the convenience of your own home AND save yourself lots of expense?

It is becoming an epidemic.Neuropathy is defined as weakness,numbness, and pain from nerve damage in the hands or the feet. Diabetes is a COMMON cause of neuropathy, but not the only reason for it. Injuries, Infections, or Toxins can cause it too. Patients describe it as numbness in feet or hands as well as PAIN, or a pins-and-needles sensation. Up until recently, I did not know what to offer patients, until I had a patient come in that used a "Rebuilder" Unit.The following is copied from their website to explain in a nutshell what it does.

Working on the 7.83 Hz Schumann resonances – the natural pulse wave of the earth, the Rebuilder has a more powerful electrical impulse than that of the human body. ReBuilder®. Additionally, using this waveform, it repolarizes and re-educates the nerves to follow the correct paths. It enables nerve impulses to jump synaptic junctions, reconnecting injured nerves and delivers minerals and nutrients that help to revitalize nerves.

Treatments with ReBuilder® promote new nerve growth and also restores blood circulation. Feeling to the patient’s extremities returns and a notable reduction of neuropathic pain occurs or it completely disappears. Often ReBuilder® reverses neuropathy and chronic pain symptoms and it restores nerves to their normal state allowing them to fully function on their own reducing the need for medication.

I am just happy to let you know a place to go research and learn how a rebuilder may be able to help you HEAL, not just FEEL BETTER!! Go to to learn more than I could ever explain. Our office can order it for you with a 10% affiliate discount off their website pricing. We would be happy to be part of your journey to regain mobility that you may be losing to neuropathy. After doing your research, call our office at 515-965-7835 to let us know which unit you are interested in for daily home use and the unit can be shipped directly to your home address. We do not have units in the office, just patients with good results from Rebuilder!


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