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Introducing socks that affect the nervous system throughout the whole body just by wearing them. If you are going to wear socks, then why not get health benefits from just wearing them! The socks stimulate the central brain, the brain stem (yes, that is what the Atlas surrounds!) and the trigeminal nerve that goes into the face. The way it does this is that all nerves radiate down from the brain into the feet (this is called the peripheral nervous system) and there are receptors on the bottom of the feet that effect the whole body-especially the brain stem underneath the atlas vertebra. This effects the balance system, pain receptors, breathing rate, motor control, and heart rate. If these things are positively effected, users will see an improvement in balance, stability, power, stamina, reaction time, pain relief, energy, and even posture. Think about how this can effect everyone from athletes to elderly and the average person somewhere in between.

These socks go so well with the Atlas work I do! I will make sure the Atlas is aligned, and the socks make sure the brain stem power is optimized! What a great combination!!

We have socks on display at Atlas Chiropractic for you to feel and see, but if you would like to see a full selection of all socks and sizes, feel free to order online at:


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