Prostate Cancer

by admin_amy | Published March 27, 2021

Prostate cancer, or high PSA are bot scary diagnoses. My question is …instead of treating the symptom or dignosis, why not look for WHY this is happening before taking drugs to try and “cure” these diagnoses or having the prostate removed POSSIBLY destroying the ability to hold urine or have sexual intercourse? Why do you have this condition going on, but not every male does? What factors are effecting your situation? What are some things you can do BEFORE you hear this devastating news? It’s not too late if you are already being told this news, so don’t panic and make a decision you can’t take back! Do you think prostate health could be effected by declining testosterone levels (which increases estrogen in men)? There are other categories on my website about testosterone where you can look at symptoms of a deficiency and see if you think it relates to you. Young men with healthy testosterone levels do not get prostate cancer. We offer blood work and full hormone assessments treatable with homeopathic hormone rejuvenation that could be the first step for you to take. I am also sharing an article titled Boron Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk about a supplement that effects prostates health that benefits health in many ways. Let us know if we can help you on your journey!

If you prefer to supplement, feel free to stop by at 117 Ne Trilein Dr or learn how order from Emerson Ecologics

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