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B – Multivitamin

by admin_amy | Published September 12, 2018

A Multi – B supplies the B vitamins in one combined capsule ( I always recommend a capsule over a tablet so the body does not have to break down the fillers used to “glue” a tablet together. Capsules always absorb better!!). B vitamins are all about nerve health, but each B Vitamin has it’s own benefits, so taking a combination is often a good way to get a balance of all the B vitamins. The only bittersweet part of  taking a B Multi over taking individual B vitamins is that you get a little bit of everything and a lot of nothing. If there is a certain condition you are targeting, you may need to take more of one of the B vitamin’s over another, so do your research. Remember, though, B12 should always be taken outside of a multi because it is best absorbed as a lozenge (under the tongue) and should always be methylcobalamin, not cyanocobalamin!! And never take folic acid for your B9 (it uses cyanide)- always take folate for your B9!!

To look at why this is true and to learn about each individual B Vitamin , read these:Many Benefits of Niacin(B3),

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