Progesterone Imbalance

by admin_amy | Published June 26, 2015

Progesterone is an amazing solution for anyone suffering from irregular cycles, infertility, hot flashes, PMS or any irritability, anxiety, itching, brain fog, heavy periods, or even cramps. Sounds like a miracle solution, doesn’t it? It is for so many and it is so easy and inexpensive to use. When progesterone declines, estrogen rises and that is dangerous territory when it comes to breast cancer. When progesterone is restored, estrogen must go down. They balance each other like a scale.

Bio-Identical creams don’t stimulate your body to PRODUCE the hormone. It only puts progesterone into your body temporarily. It is hard to regulate the amount that is put into your system as there is sometimes too much, and then not enough. This creates ups and downs in how you feel.

Prescription “progestin” is NOT progesterone, but the pharmaceutical companies are trying hard to figure out how to make something to simulate natural progesterone. They can’t patent natural progesterone because they can’t patent something that is natural.  Both bio-identical and prescription creams TAKE OVER and make the body’s glands lazy which stops your body from producing hormones on its own. You are forever dependent on the cream.

In our office, we use homeopathic progesterone to stimulate the body to produce the correct amount of progesterone. NuFem homeopathic hormone rejuvenation does just that…REJUVENATES. It balances our bodies ability to produce ALL hormones in the correct proportion for each individual, as we are all unique. It re-educates our body to make our own hormones without any side effects. Homeopathy is a well researched science of medicine that is centuries old and approved by the FDA.


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